Meagan Meier

wife. mom. essential oil slinger. survivor of motherhood.

I am a mom of two littles, Emmett and Evelyn. They’re three years apart and I am obsessed with them. They also drive me bat shit crazy and I need all the help I can get most days. My husband and I have been together for 16 years, and he works in Major League Baseball for the St Louis Cardinals. It’s not as cool as it sounds, trust me. I’ve been working and momming from home for about seven years. I started my own photography business, and then found out I was pregnant. We wanted me to be home when we finally had kids, so I didn’t pursue that to it’s fullest potential. I still love photography, but it’s mostly a hobby now. I’m a southern transplant living in the midwest, and that’s not my favorite. We are currently trying to find a new home, but it’s fucking brutal out here ya’ll. I’m obsessed with going to the thrift store to buy things that I absolutely do not need, but cannot live without. I love cats and indoor plants. I have three black cats (yes, I say I – my husband loathes cats) and a window full of plants. My cats have finally stopped fucking with my plants, so I’m real happy about that. I’ve been using essential oils and have been obsessed with them for about three years now, and I can’t imagine my life without Young Living, or the community and business. I love helping families ditch products that aren’t the best, and switching to products that they can really feel good about.

What do I do exactly?
  • Brand Rep for Young Living Essential Oils
  • Help mamas survive motherhood, one oil at a time.
  • Educate on low-tox living and essential oils
  • Share DIYs, decor randomness,
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