being two, is the hardest thing in the world (if you’re two).

Y’all being two is so hard. Especially when you’re making demands that simply can’t be met. Like yelling at the top of your lungs that you want to wear your eagle shirt. But we don’t own an eagle shirt so one can’t be worn. And your mom explains that you can wear a War EagleContinue reading “being two, is the hardest thing in the world (if you’re two).”

IUD, Hair loss, Postpartum Rage, and a Non-sleeping Baby.

I expected some post partum hair loss. What I didn’t expect was to lose enough hair to fill a quart sized bag in two weeks. And then I would go on to lose enough for another quart sized bag. My OBGYN told me it was fully a coincidence. This couldn’t be caused by my newly placed IUD.