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Hi, I’m Meagan, a mom of two, passionate about helping moms not lose their shit, essential oils and hormones, and sharing a low-tox life. Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, I’m Meagan. I’ve been working from home for seven years now and can’t imagine a different life than what I have. I love sharing about our low-tox choices, using essential oils, how I’ve helped rebalance my hormones, and helping moms deal with whiny ass kids. I loathe cooking dinner nightly already, and my kids are young. If you don’t mind cussing and sarcasm, stick around! Read more

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2 thoughts on “Meagan Meier

  1. Hi Meagan I saw your DIY elderberry syrup on FB. My friend Meghan Bains Brewer shared your post where you’re selling your kits. Hopefully you still have some for sale by the time you can read my message! Please let me know if you do I’m definitely interested.

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