Using Essential Oils to Help with Emotional Outbursts

Whew, have I got a story for you. Buckle up. Y’all know my stories are long af.

Emotions are so hard when you’re so little (and let’s be honest, when you’re big, too). You feel everything so strongly that it’s nearly overwhelming, and as a kid, it’s hard to move past your strong emotion 🥺

Enter Divine Release 😳

I reached for this oil twice today. This is one I’ve been using lately when Evelyn is having a hard time….aka losing her fucking mind and screaming like a banshee, throwing things, hitting, ya know – typical psychotic toddler three year old things 👀. Today was picture day at school. She picked out a dress at the store yesterday. This morning, she HATED that dress, it was stupid, I was stupid, she hated me, she wasn’t wearing it, ever. Her words here people. I was trying to get her ready for school and it wasn’t happening. So I finally came to my senses (pre-coffee brain isn’t helpful!) and grabbed this oil and put one drop in my palm and walked over to her. I touched her and pulled her in for a hug, with my hand near her face so she could smell it.

NO JOKE – 20 seconds later….20!!! She said “fine mommy, I’ll put on that dress for pictures…………but I’m never wearing it EVER AGAIN”. #sassyaf

Look, this is a win people. She was about to go to school in ther underwear and shoes. 😂 Sigh. Being three is hard.

Now for the second time I grabbed this oil today. With Emmett at bedtime. I flew out in the morning for Utah. I know that Emmett’s behavior tonight is based on him knowing he won’t see me for several days, daddy couldn’t come to his baseball game because he was at work, he wouldn’t eat the snack I brought for after his game in the car, and he was tired. But his focus was on not being able to decide on a snack to eat before bed. I made all the offers and finally said, “that’s it – pick something, I’m done with this conversation. I’ll be in your bed, I’ll be in there for five minutes, you can join me when you calm down and are ready for bed.” Yelling, throwing pillows, screaming at me at the top of his lungs that he was not coming in his room, etc. big emotions right?! 😅

But kids big emotions are inevitable. The MOST IMPORTANT THING when kids have big emotions is to control your OWN emotions. Phew. It’s hard. He finally came into his room after about 5 minutes, threw off all the things at the end of his bed, laid down at the end of the bed, and looked at me with mad eyes. I got up, grabbed divine release off of the bathroom counter, put two drops in my palms and came back into his room. Pulled up his shirt and placed my hand over his liver and rubbed it in. Did you know a lot of emotions, especially anger, are stored in your liver?! Fascinating right? I then put my hand near his face so he could breathe it in. IMMEDIATE release of his emotion. It was one breath and all of it literally melted away. He got up from his spot, grabbed his toothbrush and we proceeded with the rest of what needed to be done. He was no longer mad, angry or upset. Within literal seconds. He was sweet the rest of the routine.

I share these things because I know my story about tonight is every other parents story about their night. Maybe not tonight’s story for you, but likely very recently the same thing has happened with you and your children. I don’t know how I would manage these sort of emotions or behaviors without these amazing tools. Or maybe I do, and I KNOW I wouldn’t like that option. If you’re looking for solutions to issues like this, I cannot encourage you more to reach out to me so I can help you get these bottles of essential oil into your hands. I share these stories to help you. If someone hadn’t shared these stories with me, my life would be so much harder.

Divine Release is available in a bundle. You can check out that bundle here.

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