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plant care stuff.

Here are some helpful recipes for sprays that you can use on indoor plants, outdoor plants, a pollinator attractor and a helpful list of oils and what they help with.

glow serum.

I’ve been using this for months and I just love it. I’m doing a boho botox skincare challenge with several of my friends and will be switching to the CBD beauty boost to give that a try, but I know many people will love this glow serum recipe! A SUPER basic recipe is only 4…


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Hi, I’m Meagan. I’ve been working from home for seven years now and can’t imagine a different life than what I have. I love sharing about our low-tox choices, using essential oils, how I’ve helped rebalance my hormones, and helping moms deal with whiny ass kids. I loathe cooking dinner nightly already, and my kids are young. If you don’t mind cussing and sarcasm, stick around!

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