Thieves Household cleaner v. Carpet/Rugs

I loathe carpet, for the most part. We have 3 vomiting ass cats who are constantly hacking up hairballs, or throwing up all of their food because they act like they don’t have food available 24/7 and eat too fast. And ya know, children. Messes and stains happen. I have yet to find something to work as good on getting out tough carpet stains as Thieves Household Cleaner. This cleaner is legit the best on every. single. surface. in your home. Hands down. I’m going to share some before and afters of real messes here. Gross messes. And you can see for yourself how well this cleaner works. I should mention that this is children and pet safe because it is non-toxic and made from magical plant juice, called essential oils. It smells like Christmas, and cleans like a fucking elf.

My grandmother has had this stain for 15 years she said. FIFTEEN YEARS!!!! She has tried to clean it numerous times. And professional carpet cleaners have also tried – at least 15x she told me as she gets her carpets cleaned about once a year. It’s not perfect, but hello, it’s so much freaking better! And I bet with one of those spot cleaners and some thieves cleaner in it, this baby would be gone 💯
Standard dilution Thieves Household Cleaner took this up in minutes with pretty minimal effort with a rag and some scrubbing.
I’ll say it again. THIS IS THE BEST CLEANER ON THE MARKET in my humble opinion.
Here are her words “Thieves did an amazing job on a stain that had been a thorn in my side every time I looked at it. Not anything I used or the professionals could remove it. I am assured Thieves cleans any and everything, and is completely safe, no fumes to breathe, etc. Next house cleaning I will be using it. It is only a cap full in a 16 ounce bottle of water, so a bottle lasts a long time. You might want to give it a try.”
This stain was under the support at the bottom of the table, so I couldn’t see it or get to it. I can only imagine what the heck this is. We did spill and entire blueberry smoothie here like a year ago 🤷🏻‍♀️ could be what I didn’t get to?! No clue. But it was old and crunchy.
Plant power with essential oils y’all. Best part – it smells like Christmas and I don’t have to worry one single bit about the kids playing here. No harsh chemicals, no fragrance, no endocrine distruptors.
Right before my elderberry class – my cat vomited on my rug 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
So, like always I grabbed my Thieves cleaner! People ask me all the time… “but can I use it on _______?” Yes. If you can spray it and wipe it, you can use it on that. Whatever you put in that blank, the answer is yes. I USE IT ON EVERYTHING PEOPLE! And it’s made with essential oils. Safe for you, your kids, your pets, the planet.
It’s like a gateway drug. Once you learn about all of the crap and horrible stuff that’s on the shelves at the store – you can’t unlearn it. Knowledge is power. I’m just spreading what I learn. 💕
(You can also see some purple here…I don’t even think I realized it at the time, but it looks like more of that hidden blueberry smoothie we spilled months ago and missed. I totally got that out during this scrub too!)
Thieves cleaner for the win again!! It’s legit the best.
Someone (cough Miguel) dripped chocolate protein shake on our new wool rug. 🙄
And of course on the white part 🙄 ugh husbands.
But thieves cleaner got it out so fast! Good 👏🏻 as 👏🏻 new 👏🏻
Nontoxic, plant based, essential oil infused, no harmful ingredients, safe around kids, cleans LEGIT EVERYTHING, and smells like Christmas.
Tell me again why you haven’t tried it?!
Nothing like waking to cat vomit on your rug first thing in the morning. Oh the joys of cats 😼😼😼
Thieves cleaner NEVER lets me down!! I think my cat puked at like 2am but I wasn’t getting out of bed to clean it. So this has been sitting here for a while 😫
I scoop up what I can and then douse it with thieves cleaner! I just grabbed my standard dilution bottle off of the kitchen counter. This stain was a little extra stubborn as it sat a long time, so I grabbed lemon and added a few drops (this is a wool rug so I know lemon won’t hurt anything! Lemon can eat some plastics 😬 so just know what you’re using it on)
And tada! All clean. And now it smells like fresh squeezed lemons in here and not like toxic carpet cleaner!
I told y’all. I use this shit on everything.

While we were cleaning my son’s room one day, I noticed some marker on his rug that I’d forgotten to clean. I only use Thieves cleaner for everything, because it works for everything! But one of my biggest reasons for even wanting to use it, is the kids and the cats. Traditional chemical cleaners have a lot of junk ingredients that just really aren’t safe. I love that I can feel safe and comfortable cleaning things with the kids and cats around. Emmett and Juniper are literally laying on top of the spot I just cleaned.

There’s no worry. There’s no toxic fumes. There’s no harmful ingredients for their skin or paws to absorb.

We know that cats will leave VERY quickly if something smells dangerous to them. Juniper didn’t move, at all. I love my kitties, they’re part of the family and it’s important to keep them safe, just like it’s important to keep the kids safe. Our kitty, Finn, passed away two years ago and I can’t help but wonder what caused his passing. He declined so quickly and it was devastating. I wonder if it was something I was using back then that might have built up in his system. We used really strongly scented litter, lots of air freshener around the box, not the best cleaner on the floor, etc. I’m not blaming myself, but what I am doing now is making better choices for all of us. I’m never going to shut up about this cleaner. I’m just not.

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