a little bottle of happy.

Joy was the oil that helped to open my eyes even more to the possible benefits of using these oils on a regular basis. 

I had my first experience with Joy essential oil on June 15, 2018. I called a friend, desperate for something to help me, and she dropped a bottle off for me to try.

My daughter was born in February 2018, and by June she decided she didn’t want to sleep again, ever. She slept really excellent until she was about 4 months old. Then she basically said F YOU SLEEP! And it was the worst. She was waking 8-10x per night. I was MISERABLE. My husband is very helpful, and he did so much for me and us during that time period, but my daughter was breastfed, and all she wanted was my boob in her mouth. I was sleep deprived. I was VERY angry and resentful towards her. And my thoughts were beginning to scare me. So much so that I made an appointment with my primary doctor and she said I had postpartum depression/rage, and prescribed me an antidepressant. I started taking the medication, but I could NOT handle the side effects. I had a headache all day (I do not ever get headaches, ever), I had brain fog, and it made me insanely fatigued. As if being more tired was beneficial in some way!? I felt hung-over until 2-3pm every day. It was only helping my anger and rage a smidge. I was on it for several weeks, and we tried a different dose, but it just wasn’t helping enough. With my doctors’ approval, I stopped taking the medication and started trying something else instead. Something more natural. 

Wanna know what I tried instead? Joy. And Peace & Calming. I started putting Joy over my heart daily, a couple of times per day. I started putting P&C on before going into my daughter’s room in the middle of the night. My anger and rage decreased. My scary thoughts lessened. I was able to calm down quicker. I didn’t have a headache all the time. The brain fog wasn’t as bad. I didn’t feel like I was hung over. These oils helped pull me out of the darkest time in my life. It was after this experience that I thought to myself “if one or two oils can do this much, what can all the rest of them do?” I became a member with Young Living on  June 25, 2018 and I haven’t looked back since. 

Joy is a blend of a bunch of oils: bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, lemon, coriander, tangerine, jasmine, roman chamomile, palmarosa and rose. It smells very floral and pretty. It has what I call a sister oil – Gentle baby. Gentle baby is my daughters favorite oil, and it has all of the oils listed above except tangerine, and it has lavender added. The smell is similar, but the blend is different. I’ll post a link to a video of Evelyn and the power of Gentle Baby 😉 

In my reference guide it says this about Joy:
Produces a magnetic energy to bring joy to the heart. It inspires romance and helps overcome grief and depression. 

Side note – While traveling later that summer in 2018, and not having many oils to use yet, I used Joy for something drastically different. I felt the beginnings of mastitis. I grabbed my reference book and it said geranium was powerful against that. Joy has geranium in it. I lathered my breast in it and put a hot rag on top while massaging. The next morning I was back to normal!!!!

We ALL need more joy in our lives, and I will be grateful for all of my days for this oil blend and what it helped me with.  It is truly beautiful and I cannot wait for you to experience it yourself ❤ 

I checked back on my Facebook to see some other times I’ve shared about this great oil, and here is an example! (from 2020

My kids are 2 and 5. My 2 year old is obsessed with her big brother. Which drives my 5 year old crazy sometimes. They were arguing and not being nice to each other while playing blocks. I’m sitting at my desk trying to get some work done, and I couldn’t focus!!! All the arguing 😑😑😑😑 So I grabbed Joy and walked into the room and said “Everyone pull your shirt up!” and I put a drop of Joy over both of their hearts. Joy is a blend of beautiful oils that smells so floral and delicious (you really should get yourself a bottle) and it helps to bring about happy emotions and joy. I also grabbed my strong willed child roller 🥴 (a blend of endoflex, surrender and orange) and rolled it over their adrenal glands on their backs. They’re still getting a little frustrated, but they are not arguing, they are not yelling, and they are speaking more kindly to each other within 5 minutes. OILS FOR THE WIN!!!

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