being two, is the hardest thing in the world (if you’re two).

Y’all being two is so hard. Especially when you’re making demands that simply can’t be met. Like yelling at the top of your lungs that you want to wear your eagle shirt. But we don’t own an eagle shirt so one can’t be worn. And your mom explains that you can wear a War Eagle shirt, as we do have that, but your moms an idiot so I don’t know why she’d bother with things like logic. But after some calm coaxing from your brother and mother, you agree that sounds fine. Then you still lose it because being two is just hard. Processing your emotions is hard. And you can’t control when you lose it sometimes. So, your idiot mom decides some time by yourself in your room until you stop screaming is probably a good idea, but you disagree with every fiber in your body. And you revolt!! Throw everything out of your bed and make a mess. After a few minutes your mom comes in and offers a hug to which you basically tell her she’s insane for suggesting, at the top of your lungs. So mom decides some oils might help calm you down.

You like Gentle Baby, it’s your favorite because mommy used it from the moment you were born. You like the ritual of putting the oils in the diffuser and pressing the button until your favorite color turns on, purple. So you beg to get out and help. And just two little drops in the diffuser and turning it to purple make you become your sweet self again. You smile. You give a tight hug. You feel more in control of your emotions because your mommy learned that oils are tools and tools are helpful when you use them. You then say “I need to clean my mess mommy? I can go outside mommy?” And she says yes, you need to clean up your mess and then you can go play outside. Which was the whole reason you needed a new shirt on to begin with.

Being two is hard. But oils help make being two a little bit easier. Be a good mommy like my mommy and get some oils to help your little one when they can’t control their emotions either. I like my nice, sweet mommy for helping me.

I love helping moms get essential oils into their homes so they, too, can keep their cool with their tyrant children are being – well – tyrannical. You can grab your very own starter bundle to start using oils right here.

Some oils that help with calming emotions:

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