The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Bedroom ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ Ϟ 9¾

I have basically forced my son to love Harry Potter. My husband made him love baseball and football, so I get Harry Potter damnit. He really does love the first two movies. He’s only 6, and they start to get a little too scary for him in the third installment. Emmett has been Harry Potter for Halloween (and took 3rd place, maybe 2nd place? in the Halloween costume contest in our town when he was 3!) and I knew that I wanted to create a fun Harry Potter themed bedroom for him when he got a little older. Since COVID ruined house hunting for us, I decided to just go ahead and create my dream bedroom…I MEAN EMMETT’S DREAM BEDROOM! I used a lot of things from the Harry Potter Birthday Party decorations for the room, and when it’s clean (never) it really does look amazing! I hope this inspires you to create your own Harry Potter bedroom, but to do it in a non-tacky way. No one likes tacky crap. You can do this, and I can help inspire and encourage! Take some inspiration and have fun creating some DIYs. I love decorating on a budget and finding fun thrifted treasures along the way. Thrifting and decorating help me survive, it’s something I really enjoy doing.

I found these amazing French Provencal shelves at Savers Thrift Store for $4 each! How amazing are they!?! So fun. The Harry and Ron dolls were purchased on clearance after Christmas a few years ago, but you can buy them here. The sphere in the middle is selenite and I bought it from my good friend, Meghan with The Brewer’s Alley. She’s been a friend since middle school and now owns a crystal shop in my hometown! The stand for it was thrifted at Savers as well, and also $4. Once again, another Savers purchase was the owl statue! You guessed it, $4 :)~ I will likely create a wand making post at some point and link it here, but the wands in the photo are ones I made for the birthday party as favors from hot glue, dowel rods and stain markers.

Flying envelopes over bed with twinkle lights.

This is probably my favorite feature in my son’s room, the flying envelopes! This was a fun little project to do for the birthday party, and I saved them to use in his room. I downloaded the Harry Potter font here, created the envelope in InDesign, printed them at home and added a “wax” seal. If you’d like to print your own, just download the pdf below. The pillowcase are one of the few branded items I have in the bedroom and I got them from Pottery Barn. Here is a link to them, they were a splurge. Once again since I saved so much elsewhere, I felt it was ok to get a few things at more of an expense. Pottery Barn has some really incredible Harry Potter collection pieces, and if you budget allows, you should really check out some of their offerings. We have a Pottery Barn outlet in the St Louis area that I plan to check out soon! Have you been!? Did you know they exist!?

Colored wax was out of my budget for the kids’ birthday party, so I gathered some old broken red crayons, my hot glue gun, and just made it work! I melted the crayons with the hot glue gun tip, mixed a little hot glue in with the wax, and used a simple number wax stamp from Hobby Lobby that I grabbed on clearance. There are plenty of affordable options at your local craft store, or on amazon. I didn’t focus too much on what the wax seal looked like, because they were hanging from the ceiling and no one would notice! I strung the completed envelopes on fishing line and battery operated twinkle lights. One strand shown is on fishing line, the other are on the twinkle lights. I love the way it turned out! 

My son, Emmett, enjoying his new Harry Potter bedroom!
I think having the golden snitch hanging from the fan it just fun 🙂 and the flying keys in the corner are just a nice little detail. Check out the next photo for an incredible painting I purchased from an amazing artist friend.

My son’s bedroom is small, so I really had to maximize space. He’s still a little kid with lots of things he enjoys, so you’ll see a football and hulk in here because he likes all kinds of things. I love the subtle details in his room, like the owl drawer pulls that I got from Hobby Lobby before he was born. His room has actually changed very little since he was born, same rug, furniture, paint color. I made flying keys with keys from amazon, fishing line, and some cream colored sheer ribbon. I then tied the keys onto the fishing line and stuck them up there with a push pin. Super easy, super affordable, super cute.

This amazing painting was done by my friend, Jessica McClintick. She painted this for her daughter for Christmas and I basically begged her to run prints of it so I could have one for Emmett’s bedroom. She graciously agreed, and now I have this forever 🙂 I thrifted the frame for $6 from Goodwill, and had it matted at Hobby Lobby. You can follow Jessa on Instagram @jessa_paints. She is insanely talented, and will be happy to chat with you via message about ordering a print or commission. This little space is rounded out by a white owl lamp inside another thrifted find – the birdcage. I believe I picked this up for around $5 at Savers Thrift store. You really can create a beautiful space if you have the patience to find the things you want inexpensively!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this Harry Potter ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ Ϟ 9¾ bedroom! Comment below with your favorite feature, and make sure you subscribe to my emails so you can see the Harry Potter birthday party once I post that! Share this with a friend who also loves Harry Potter. And of course feel free to pin your favorite on Pinterest!

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